I have more energy and physical confidence, which makes me a better mom. Each workout is a short 30 minutes which is really easy to squeeze in, it’s progressive so you feel successful with each phase, and it is really gratifying to spend a little time working on me! Nothing feels better than your family and friends telling you how great you look when you just spent the better part of a year feeling less than great about yourself! Our bodies go through ALOT when we are pregnant, delivering, and then post-partum. The New Mommy Makeover weight loss DVDs helped me regain control of my body’s fitness and gave me the stamina that I need to care for my new baby!”

As a mother of a 4 month old and a 2 year old, I was exhausted. I had little energy, and a condition called post-partum thyroiditis was wreaking havoc on my metabolism. I was drawn to the New Mommy Makeover weight loss system because I knew I could find 30 minutes a day to devote to myself. The workouts were fun, and with the 3 phases (each with 3 different workouts), it never felt monotonous. I noticed changes quickly. My energy increased and my clothes fit better. I can now wear clothes that I haven’t worn since before my first pregnancy! I highly recommend Colleen Riddle’s New Mommy Makeover weight loss system to any new Mom who is looking to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. (or less)”

I was very excited to get started with the New Mommy Makeover post pregnancy weight loss system and could not wait to get approval from my doctor. After my C-section I was a little nervous and apprehensive – about my fitness. At 9 weeks post partum – I began my journey with Phase 1 of New Mommy Makeover. The New Mommy Makeover weight loss DVD’s were amazing! I was able to work at my own pace and the workouts only take a short 30 minutes; with 2 children I have very limited time! During my progress with the weight loss system – I began noticing my muscle tone coming back and my energy increased quickly. The best thing of all is I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight and I can fit into my pre-pregnancy pants. This 12 week post pregnancy program is definitely worth it! I have been so pleased with my weight loss that I continue to use the New Mommy Makeover DVD System when I am short for time!”