Thanks Le Leche League of the Emerald Coast!

I had the pleasure of speaking to the Le Leche League of the Emerald Coast last night.   What a great group of women!  I loved meeting them and their adorable children.  I shared healthy lifestyle ideas, exercise tips, and educated them on how to dig deep and read nutrition labels!  We discussed the five main details you need to look at to determine whether you should precede with putting something into your mouth.  The five things are: serving size, front of the label claims, amount of sugar, amount of sodium, and the list of ingredients. I think everyone was pretty surprised to see, literally, how much sugar is in a 20 oz soda (65 grams)!  I taught them the little “trick” to divide the number of grams by 4 and that’s how many teaspoons are in the food or drink.  Our brains don’t register in grams, but we know what a teaspoon looks like!

These women are very impressive….they want to be the best moms they can be!  We discussed the importance of taking care of “Mommy Time” first, and not feeling guilty about taking time out for exercise.  Great tips were shared from moms in the audience about how they prepare food ahead of time to avoid the dreaded “I’m too busy and tired, so let’s just hit the drive-thru!”  Things like, chopping veggies ahead of time, pre-making meals on Sunday, and making sure to have healthy snacks on you at all times.

Thanks, Le Leche Ladies of the Emerald Coast!

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