Ten sticks. Ten days. Take the Challenge.

Are you ready to start feeling better?  As busy moms you are constantly on the go, and could probably use a pick-me-up.  But instead of grabbing for that sugar-laden coffee drink or soda, pour some powerful powder in a glass of water and enjoy!  By drinking Life Shotz not only will you get all-day clean, natural energy, but you will also be putting awesome vitamins and anti-oxidants into your body.  I have been enjoying the incredible results for over a year and half and I’m blown away! I’ve enjoyed:

*All day natural feel good energy!

*Increased Immune System (I haven’t been sick in a year in a half, even with all the nasty colds going around)

*Anti-Aging benefits (filled with anti-oxidants to nourish our skin, hair, and nails)

*Mood Booster (Vitamin D enhances mood….who couldn’t use a mood boost,right?)

It’s time to take the challenge! It’s time to take back youth! It’s time to win FREE prizes!

Life Shotz is the most potent, nutrient-dense formula anywhere. Customers who take the 10-Day Challenge quickly discover that Life Shotz is total nutrition … but it doesn’t always happen on the first or second days.

Life Shotz needs time to load your system with nutrients. It’s like building muscle or learning a new skill. You may notice differences immediately, or it may happen on day three. It might take all 10 days. Some people only notice the difference after they run out—and then they really notice.

It’s time to take back nutrition, and it’s time to start feeling good about the way you look and feel.

It’s Easy:

  1. Drink Life Shotz for 10 Days
  2. Give us your Testimonial at Lifshotz.com/challenge

And just like that, you are entered to win an iPad 2!  Click here to begin your 10Day Challenge: http://21TEN.com/cr/10Day/

Oh, and of course it’s 100 % Money Back Guarantee!!

This is what one mom of FIVE children has to say about Life Shotz:

“As a mother of five children ages 5years and younger, I need all the energy I can get, the best sleep possible, a great attitude, and I can’t afford to be sick.   Life Shotz provides me with natural energy all day and well past the time my children are in bed!  I wake in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to start my busy day!  I feel better and have a healthier immune system.   Life Shotz makes me a better mom!  I certainly don’t want to be without it!”-Ruth VanTuyle

Here’s a short video about the Science behind Life Shotz: http://21ten.com/Media/vid_science.aspx

For Retail Customers only. For complete rules, click here.

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