How BAD do you want it?

Wanting it or doing it.
There is a big difference here.  First, let’s talk about the “wanter.”  I hear people all the time saying they want to lose weight, they want to eat better, or they want to get in shape.  They ask for my advice, and I’m happy to give it.  As most of you know I’m always ready to talk about living a healthy lifestyle.  So, I share my tips, encourage them, and let them know I am here to help.  Then, often, I run into these “wanters” at the grocery store or out at a restaurant, and this look of fear comes over their face. They look just like the kid with their hand caught in the cookie jar at Grandma’s house.    All I wanted to do was say hi, I’m not there to judge, and ultimately it is up to them to make decisions for their health.  Don’t think for a second I don’t enjoy a glass of wine or that occasional hamburger.  I’m not against a cheat day, but it’s the decisions that we make on a daily bases between those cheat days that get us into trouble.  These daily decisions seem to be the dividing line between wanting and doing.  It’s the small ones, the one you may not even notice.  The ironic thing is that these small decisions add up very quickly.  If you think about it we make a lot more little decisions than we do big ones.  One other thing the “wanter” always has in their back pocket is an excuse.  There was some party or function they had to go to and there was nothing healthy there to eat, or company was in town and they had to entertain.  This is just two of thousands I’ve heard over the years.

Now let’s talk about the “doer.”  This person has made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle and sticks to it.  They make decisions based on what is best for them and not what everybody else is doing.  You know that old saying “If everybody else jumped off a bridge would you?”  They do not surcome to pressure of others.  It’s about long term commitment for them; they understand this is a marathon and not sprint when it comes to their health.  Very rarely do you ever hear them saying they want to do; they just go out and do it.  No excuses, no “what ifs” and no “if onlys.”  If they have an obstacle they go over, under or around, but it does not stop them until they’ve reached their goal.  It’s not always going to be easy to be a “doer,” but it’s inside each and every one of us.  The decision is yours and I promise you it’s worth the effort!  So I ask you……how bad do you want it?

Watch this inspiring video…It will motivate you!

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