Focus on the Positive!

I think when push comes to shove most people, when asked, would say they have a positive attitude.  But sometimes saying it and doing it can be two different things.  I know I’ve been brought over to the “Dark Side” before.  It can be easy to do.  You discover the conversation around you has turned into a complaint session and the next thing you know you’ve been dragged in.  Once on the “Dark Side” you may find it difficult to get out. For some reason we often find it easier to complain about the things we don’t have than it is to appreciate the things we do. That’s when we just need to adjust our vision if you will; change those contacts, or clean those glasses.  Good things are all around us.  That breath you just took in, or that next step you are about to take.  Many people struggle with things just like this.  So, ask yourself, “How good do I really have it?”  All we have to do is turn on the T.V. to see things worse off than we have it.  Could you imagine walking in the desert heat with no water or food for miles trying to find help?  This is going on right know in Somalia.  What about the riots going on in England?  See, when you start to look at things with a different perspective our problems don’t seem so big.  Sure that guy was rude and cut you off in traffic and even had the nerve to give you an obscene gesture.  Or maybe the waiter was late with your food order.  Now I know we have bigger problems than these two examples, but if you look for the good in your life your problems won’t seem so big.  I find that after my accident my vision has been adjusted.  Sure I would let some things get to me just like everybody else.  But when you are riding in the back of an ambulance scared out of your mind, thankful you’re still alive it tends to change you.  Please take my word on this and don’t find out for yourself.  So, now when I start to complain about something I take a deep breath and ask myself, “Is this really the way I want to spend the day, or do I want to spend it smiling?” I think you know the answer.   Know I’m here to help.


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