Are You Prepared?

As some of you know Colleen was in a car accident this past week.  She is home now recovering, and I’m thanking the Lord above I still have my best friend.  I know we have all heard about receiving a phone call like the one I got the other day, but until you get one it’s hard to understand how it affects a person.  First, I hope with all my heart you never get one, and until now, I had never received one.  My heart stopped beating, time seemed to stop, and the next thing I knew I was flying down 98(our main highway).  I don’t recommend this, but all I could think about was getting to Colleen. I pulled up on the accident site as they were pulling Colleen out of the car with her neck in a brace and on a board.  As I ran up to the car the police held me back so the emergency personnel could do their job.  I stood there fighting the urge to cry, so Colleen would not see how scared I was.  They loaded her in the ambulance, and off to the hospital they went as I followed them close behind.  After a few hours in the emergency room we found out she broke her pelvis in three places.

I know Colleen talks to you about your health every week, and it’s hard to hear it sometimes with everything going on in your lives.  But you never know when your health is going to be called upon.  I know Colleen did not go out that day with the intention of being in a car accident, but it happened.  All the doctors and nurses commented that her being in good shape played a HUGE part in her not being hurt worse.  She was actually able to get up and walk with a walker on the following Friday, just a day and half after the accident, one week later she is now online looking for a walker race(lol).  There will come a day, as it did for Colleen, your health will be challenged and the actions you take today and tomorrow will prepare you for this challenge.  So the choice is up to you…will you be prepared?  As the loved one that received the call I hope you are ready.  I’m so thankful I still have my best friend because she was ready.  Don’t your loved ones deserve the same?



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